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PowerPoint presentation

To download Bob Richard's PowerPoint presentation (about 8 megabytes) click here. These slides will be updated as the presentation is improved over time. They were last revised on March 30, 2015.

Further reading

Douglas Amy, Behind the Ballot Box: A Citizen's Guide to Voting Systems (New York: Praeger, 2000). Out of print but available through used book sites. Also available in Kindle format at

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, Electoral Systems Design: The New International IDEA Handbook (Stockholm, 2005). Download for free at

British Columbia Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform, Making Every Vote Count: the case for electoral reform in Britishi Columbia (Victoria, B.C., 2004). The Citizens' Assembly website has disappeared. To download the 16 page final report click here. To download the 264 page technical report, click here.


Welcome to Marin Ranked Voting. We were formed in 2005 to promote instant runoff voting (IRV) and proportional representation in Marin County, California. Our website is currently off-line for a major overhaul, but will be relaunched soon. Please check back often. Meanwhile, you may reach us at:

Marin Ranked Voting
PO Box 235
Kentfield, CA 94914-0235


Please visit these election reform organizations and resources.

Other local groups and campaigns, just like us

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Californians for Electoral Reform
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Email news and discussion lists

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Educational and research tools

Try ranked voting in mock elections at DemoChoice
Douglas Amy's Proportional Representation Library
See especially Professor Amy's links page

Marin Ranked Voting

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